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This is a life story of a male victim who was sexually abused couple of times in the hands of close relatives and neighbours.

According to his life story, his ordeal started at an early age of four and till date, he thrives to heal the dark hole from his past. He is one of the numerous male children abused.

The Story:

“It all started that morning. I can remember Mum’s place of Work was very far from our town of residence and she couldn’t just take me along with her because there was no better means of transportation then.

She had me stay with a Neighbour, a grown lady of about 32 as at that time. She had so much trust for this lady, believing she was just the right person to care for the Baby till she returns. I never knew it was going to be a day my life will be injected with trauma.

Few hours after Mum had left for work, the lady gave me a quick bath, changed my wears and try to put me to sleep. In the process, the dirty happened. Damn, I can’t even imagine how ugly that seemed. Hmm… the day passed.

How would I had told my Mum when I didn’t even know what was actually taking place. Second day, she repeated and few other days.

I started noticing something now…

I began to disobey Mum whenever she asked me to go stay with the Lady because I started feeling uncomfortable. As little as I was.

Mum had to bring in a maid, who was supposed to be taking care of me once she leaves for work. But this was another Hell I was about going through.

One of those days, the maid forced herself on me and later threatened that she was going to tell Mum I went to play with the kids down the street, if I make any attempt to report anything to her and I knew what that meant. I swallowed my pain.

It later became a consistent occurrence, still with threats and I could not still say anything. This time I had become her captive and she plucked it anytime she so wished. I was about 6 now.

At Sunday School Classes that Sunday morning I realized all I had been doing was very wrong and sinful before God. That’s how I started becoming rebellious once she tried to make further advancement.

Apart from the Maid and the Neighbour, two other Girls of about 17yrs Old and 20yrs Old respectively (still neighbours) usually visit our home frequently and requested to take me home, and Mum used to grant without knowing their evil intentions.

With all of these events, I couldn’t tell anyone, even my parents, cos I thought they were going to be harsh on me or even skinned me alive for not telling them right from the first time.

One of the things that could easily set me on depression is when I’m in the group of friends who tell me how they were able to survive through till their 20s before having their first sexual experience. While mine, such pride was stolen by evil people.

I was a victim who was sexually abused quite early in life and I fought my fears alone and died in my trauma.

It is Important to emphasize that I see lots of advocative articles and Campaign for “Female Child” who have been sexually abused on the internet lately, it makes me feel the society have been so unfair to the male child who has been on this lane too. They have always been ruling us out.

Please Let’s advocate for the Boys too..”


Mercy Obot

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