“Sometimes I Fight To Stay Natural” – Teni

“Sometimes I Fight To Stay Natural” – Teni

Teni (Teniola Apata ) who is well known as an award-winning Nigerian music artist, songwriter, and entertainer, recently, revealed on British Broadcastin Corporation (BBC pidgin) how she fights sometimes to stay natural.

The singer who hails from Ekiti State describes how peoples perception towards her appearance is being compared with a stereotyped modern lady looks .

Regardless of some people not aligning with her looks, teni says she still loves her natural looks and skin.

Teni speaks – “I have to fight sometimes to stay natural because some people don’t understand. They want you to have makeup on and that’s not me. I love my skin and I love looking natural.”

According to her, the hot weather in Nigeria does not encourage any kind of make up because one can easily sweat under such condition.

“Wearing makeup in Nigeria is stressful because of the hot weather and this causes sweat.”

Teni believes in being herself , she becomes a true role to those that see her as such.

“Being a public figure, you need to be very conscious of who you represent.

“There are people out there that are very fragile and these set of people just love and they will definitely do what you do, so you need to be careful.

“When I began to be aware of this knowledge, I decided to live my truth and be positive as I can.

“Those young girls and boys out there don’t have a voice and they look up to me as their role model.

“It is important to let them know how important it is to be themselves, ” she said.

Released songs by Teni include Amen – 2016, Fargin – 2017Wait – 2018, Pareke – 2018, Lagos – 2018, Askamaya – 2018,Fake Jersey – 2018, Shake Am – 2018,Case – 2018, Pray – 2018, Uyo Meyo – 2018, Party Next Door – 2019, Sugar Mummy – 2019, Power Rangers – 2019.

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