A Grateful Heart; My Beacon of Hope

With a grateful heart, today is a gift and I will treat it as a surprise.

Episodes of expectations of how life should be has instantly becloud us of the blessings and miracles we already have in our lives.

If we are more aware of where we are and the wars we have conquered personally, we will know how far we have improved in ourselves and this becomes our backbone of confidence and courage.

If only we can intentionally count our blessings from the iota things we see as less important to the major miracles we have encountered daily, we will realize we are not only blessed but favoured.

Even without our expectations in a green light, we are still strong enough to admire the sky in the sunset, this is the strength we carry as beings of survival, this is God’s benevolence.

Amidst the economic situations that have bitten and hit us for decades, we are still standing in the gap of hope and faith, this shows how well we are muscled up for any trials that cross our paths, this is our miracle.

So on this note, I will downplay on my expectations of what life should be and focus on how blessed I have been and how blessed I am.

I shall count my blessings in words and ink them with a cheerful smile. All the things, people, and events in my life will be light up, and I shall stare at all of them with a grateful heart.

My past accomplishments and courageous steps shall be invited to have a sweet confection with my present episodes and this will become my turning point of how remarkable life has been.

Instead of being sad about what I am yet to have, I will illuminate my heart with the things that are already in my possession and the circle of people I am blessed with.

Today, I choose to be grateful for the things I already have, for my believe in God, the potentials in me, the skills have acquired, for inherent gifts, the family and friends in my circle,traits I have inculcated through the trial moments and the optimistic plans for the future; the self development trainings I have embarked on and how remarkable the journey has been.

And above all, God is in this story, so the future is certain.

Mercy Obot

Mercy Obot is a journalist, entrepreneur and an inspirational writer who takes delight in emboldening people through real life stories. She also loves reading, listening to cool music and making friends globally.

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