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Ubong King: Inspirational Quotations On Growth

Ubong king was a man who went beyond his beatdowns in life to be a role model to others. Despite losing his dad at the age of 13, rejected at the age of 19 and left alone to his fate for 10 years.

He dared failure, fought rejection and overcame frustrations; Ubong King determined spirit made him develop a callous mind to sign his name as a security expert, serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, business coach and inspirational speaker.

Below are the words of Ubong King that have formed an indelible mark in our hearts.


  • There is no rich man that has one business.
  • The minimum business a man should have is four

*People are not paying for the product you have , they are paying for the service they get.

  • Break your company into multiple parts.

*Entrepreneurship is like war, treat it as such.

*For you to survive in business, you must be discipline and this comes with a price. You must be ready to pay.

*You have to have a social life to grow your economical life.

*You need to develop your competitive intelligence, to move your business forward.

*It is not all about cutting cost, it is all about finding ways to make more money.

*Cutting cost reduces your thinking and your creative skills

*If you are not thinking speed ,you are losing market shares

*Find your message. Find your target- and concentrate there.

*If you want to win tomorrow , pay attention to your customers, products and opportunity.

*It is important that you understand wisdom before the money comes because if you understand money before wisdom, you will be abused.


*Boldness is a distinctive trait of the Lion. The Lion is not the fastest, tallest or biggest animal in the jungle, but its attitude sets it apart. The Lion fights strategically and never turn is back on a Fight. Act as a Lion in life

  • The only way to conquer fear is to face it.

*If you can think enough, what you have is more than enough

*The increase comes when the pain starts

*When God wants to multiply you, He brings you in contact with people who will challenge your limited way of understanding life.

*Position Yourself to be relevant

  • Decisions Make Men

*It’s not your qualifications that set you apart; it is your attitude to God that does

*Never give up on your dreams because your dreams have not given up on you, that why you still have those dreams.

*Don’t let your environment and other people determine how you feel.

*Your actions today can cause a positive generational change in your children’s lives.

*If you want to win tomorrow, change the things you were doing yesterday and start a new leaf.

*The difference between an eagle and a vulture is their appetite

*Sometimes life may not give you a chance to explore, you have to learn to create one.


*Success is not Emotional.

*Passion alone cannot solve it, you need motivation.

  • If you want to be successful , you have to be obsessed with winning.

*Don’t give yourself excuses for failure.

  • Your failure or your success is tied to your mind.

*Between two mountains of success, there is a valley of failure.

*Hard work will never kill you, but it will stress you.

*If you don’t give your best now, you will be an entertainment tool in future.

  • Your Poverty is not outside, it is inside.

*Until you get angry angry at your present situation, you will not stand up.

*When God wants to multiply you, He brings you in contact with people who will challenge your limited way of understanding life.


Mercy Obot

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