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Woman Whose Marital Ordeal Left Her In Adult Diapers

To protect her marriage and children, she consented to his fleshly desires (Anal Sex). And now, all what she has left to comfort her ordeal is adult diapers.

An African woman shared her pathetic life story of what she went through to protect her marriage, kids and escape from societal backlash. Voicing her story on EEJEEAJOOWOO. TV, the young woman, Mary (not real name) revealed the reason the adult diapers are now her only reliable company.

According to the married woman with two kids, her husband is a Christian who has over the years inculcated the virtue of being a caring husband, a loving father to his kids, and a disciplinarian who expresses displeasure over immorality.

Her fairy tale actually hit the rocks when a call came in from her friend who is married to one of her husband’s friends. The lady confided in Mary of a strange thing she noticed about her husband and that of Mary’s. While responding, Mary was skeptical about the information because of the level of trust she had in her husband.

But the Lady later persuaded Mary in hiring an investigator to spy on the daily activities of their husbands. The day of reckoning came through when a name given to the ladies by the investigator became a secret code that made them have access to a hotel room of where the untold anomalies unraveled before their very eyes.

The two ladies were able to find out that their husbands had an intimate relationship. Both men were caught in an erotic scene( having anal sex) that left the wives in a distraught mood.

Well, this situation must have caught the wives in a dilemma scenario where they either dissolute their marriage or decide to stay and make the necessary sacrifices.

Unfortunately, the two ladies had to walk through the fire to give out their butt holes to satisfy the burning sexual desires of their husbands.

Mary revealed that this decision they took has clogged their happy ever after marriage, and now they are in a puddle of tears as their butt hole is spewing liquid that is polluting any vicinity they find themselves.

In her words: “At this moment I am telling this story, I am wearing adult diapers because I made up my mind to have anal sex with my husband. And now, even my kids are complaining that where I am is smelling. I feel like ending it all.

I advise my fellow women, regardless of what it is, regardless of what he wants, please doing it from the back( Anal sex) is very risky and dangerous to your health.

If anything happens to you, your husband might leave you, the same way my husband has left me.

The man I was trying to hold by myself is now bringing ladies to our home because of my condition.”

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