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Goals: When Life Shredded My Dreams

When your goals are shredded by life’s hurricane or realities, it can leave you in a dark room. Well, just like every child and teenager swimming in the hope of their fairy tale world, I once had mine, and penning it down sounded just right.

The carbon copy was so appealing and every glance at the written goals made me feel like an empress with the largest empire.
Oh how I felt beautiful about my big goals! The amazing feeling was incomparable.

I rode on the template of ” what will be will be “and with certainty in my eyes, I nodded to the fact that the world will date my needs and marry her to the land of fulfillment.

While beholding my prideful List, nobody told me that my adulthood had a diverse plan. The enchanted lay-down plans slowly occupied an abstract state far beyond the reach of reality and I was left with cold feet.

I felt the universe took pleasure in laughing at my painstaking goals and this wrenched my impulse that breathed life, turning it into a soulless man shadow. I was now left to count days that turn into weeks and then years.

My life goals must have had contact with life’s hurricane and they have shredded apart, no piece made it alive. They were all gone, leaving me to hook up with the unpredictable timeline of life.

I am now faced with a clean slate to start all over. With a tear, a courageous smile, and a strength lingering beneath the crack lines of my palms, I am rewriting another lifely goals again, hoping they will soar as the unbeatable eagle.

Looking back on where I have come from, the path which is cracked with lost memories and damaged dreams, I am heading forward with a heart crested with faith.

It may hurt but humans may never realize a certain impeccable trait until they have feasted with adversity.

Life may have shredded my lifely goals into an undeliverable state but as a phenomenal individual with prospects that can stay afloat in the middle of the high sea, I am penning down another couple of goals.

Every day I interact with the dawn of the day while inking my goals again with invisible drizzled tears. I know somehow or somewhere I will fulfill these dreams with faith in my heart and with every iota of courage I gather as I live to face a new dawn.

Mercy Obot

Mercy Obot is a journalist, entrepreneur and an inspirational writer who takes delight in emboldening people through real life stories. She also loves reading, listening to cool music and making friends globally.

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