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We have just 5 months Left

Yesterday marked the beginning of 5 months to the end of the year.
In it lies almost 22 weeks, 152 Days which is wrapped in thousand of hours and minutes with a touch of millions of seconds.

I understand it has been tough and quite distracting. l can see you have lost focus and at the verge of giving up on this year’s plans . I also feel the pains in your heart that things didn’t work out the way you thought.

Through your eyes l can see the hatred of your self when u stare in the mirror.. I also feel the rapid heartbeat that skips as time creeps by as you watch your dreams shattered into irrepairable pieces.

I know the plans you had towards that love one that gave up the ghost and this feels like a life sentence of regrets, you really hoped you could do something to change the unfortunate circumstance but it was not within your reach.

It may never be okay that till now you have not gotten your dream job, you were so close in owning it but somehow it slipped.

I know the vacuum you feel in your soul for being in that lonely zone and hoping that your soul mate will pop out somewhere to give you that love that you deserve. But till now, that person is nowhere to be found.

I can see you crying in that abusive relationship, stretching your hand to just be consoled and everybody seems to be minding their business.

I see in you a wish to be liberated from this abject poverty and it seems you are socked in the situation, day in and out.

It is quite sad that you feel dishearten over not having enough courage to start that idea and you stare at it as a lifeless object.

I know some of these traumatic situations because l am staring at them as l scribble this piece to you. It is okay if you feel like giving up and just get drown in it because l feel the same.

But let us just stop and think

We have just 5 months, 152days, almost 22 weeks and thousand of hours and minutes to the end of the year. What will we do about it?

Let’s ponder a little bit

If our destiny is in our hands, what can we do to make this year remarkable and historical

How about starting by not thinking of how emotional, how timid and scared we are at the moment. How about making a clean slate by going back to things we hoped on achieving this year .

Let’s us re write these goals once again and look at them in confident , let look at this piece of work and see possibility in the curve of the letters that form the words.

Let’s glance at the plans just a little bit and be hopeful that this can still work despites all odds , regardless of the hurdles and no matter how intense our fear may be.

Let’s rise and look at this work again while meditating on them in our heart and lips with the days left.

Let’s give ourselves the chance to survive in the midst of this no matter how others may view us in this new phase of challenge.

We can do it, we can rise no matter how weak our bones maybe and how our heart skips at every attempt we make to step into that zone of our dreams.

Let’s present our plans to a supreme power while enhancing our faith that we will see these plans come alive this year and beyond. Let us not give up just yet, for this will only weaken us more and more.

Let’s us wear that determined spirit of grace and be bold enough to explore that fear and see what is really in there, who knows, our joy maybe embedded in this fear kingdom.

We can do it because God has given us 5 months to change our story.

We have the power because we have been empowered with 152 days to get back on track.

So as you start your first day to make those goals come alive, alert yourself of the reasons you are embarking on this journey and each fall, rise immediately and keep walking.

Give yourself a chance and be your Push. For once work on your mentality and be in control, decide what to nurture and what to let go for in it lies the outcome of life.

Remind yourself that you are more than enough, another party is just an addition. If you have to read, pray, let go of old habit, check your weight, love yourself, be happy or anything that will make your scibble plan come to reality, just do it.

For the power lies in you

Your time starts now

Mercy Obot

Mercy Obot is a journalist, entrepreneur and an inspirational writer who takes delight in emboldening people through real life stories. She also loves reading, listening to cool music and making friends globally.

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