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Warming The Shoes of Davido’s Baby Mamas

As the social media was overflowing with congratulations for Davido and Chioma on Tuesday, I couldn’t help but think about Davido’s baby mamas. Amidst the 80% of people wishing the newlyweds a happy married life, I estimate that only 15% of them paused to consider the impact on Davido’s baby mamas, and the possibility of someone ‘warming their shoes’ .

When it comes to filling the shoes of Davido’s baby mamas, they must have seen how extravagant and romantic the ceremony was, with Davido gazing lovingly into Chioma’s eyes. They would have witnessed the emotional moment when he flooded his cheeks with tears and showering her with countless kisses, all captured in the videos and photos. These romantic gestures were on full display and hard to miss.

I believe Davido’s Baby Mamas must have had full dosage of the momentarily fantasy and this might have caused them to be traumatized or emotionally tortured. No woman wants to see her father’s child in the arms of another woman or seeing him getting married to another but what will she do if she is left with the only option of upholding the tag of a “baby Mama”?

Most times single mothers tend to bottle up their pain because of the societal stereotypes that are inflicting their pain. The public sees the whole situation as their fault while letting go of the fathers who graciously abandon their responsibilities. Although Davido is in the lives of his kids but this does not seem to heal the loopholes he created in the hearts of his Baby Mamas.

No matter how well they flaunt themselves as strong women, it is a known fact that in a way, they wished they had think twice before consenting to Davido’s request of making them mothers.

Every woman needs a man in their lives at least a companion that will be there to support her and most women also wish to have a family where the father would be present in their children’s life and also be a romantic lover to them.

But a situation you see your child’s father happily wedding another woman in a public eye is a scenario no woman would ever wish to experience.

This heartbreaking situation has led some ladies to choose singleness over having a child with a man . Some even prefer to explore alternative options like sperm donation, allowing them to have children without emotional attachment with a partner.

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Myles Munroe of blessed memory once said that an ex lover is like a living ghost, he or she never dies, the person will keep popping up in places you don’t expect and the ex lover will always remind you of former hurts.

In this case, Davido will always breath in their digital space as long as his relevance is felt in the global music industry. And they will need to embrace this reality as long as they live because they have Davido’s child or children.

I think this serves as a lesson to young ladies who are willing to be baby mamas to rich dudes within their space. The lifestyle may not be as rosy as people project it to be because there are renowned thorns that come with the resplendent lifestyle.

There is need to think deeply before you have a sexual relationship with a man who is not your husband because anything can go wrong after that moment of conception. It is not just to have the child but you have to abreast yourself with the trails of emotions or traumas that come with it.

He may not always be there in your child’s life and how well will you cope knowing he doesn’t have an iota of feelings for you eventhough you are the mother of his child?

It becomes imperative to be meticulous over the decisions you take in life because it can either make you or mar you.

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