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Visually Impaired Individuals and Braille Day

The life of visually impaired individuals can be likened to a lockdown scenario where events of life are blurry. Everyday presents a challenging episode that demands them to play a critical role to have a feel of a normal life.

One of the essential aspects to living this normalcy is the ability to communicate with people effectively, to read as well as express their feelings through words. They thrive daily
to have knowledge of the place that is called home.

The ability to identify alphabets and numerical symbols can be challenging, but with the help of Braille, life is made much easier. Braille aids blind and partially sighted individuals to identify these symbols, enabling them to have a feel for musical notes, mathematical equations and scientific symbols.

Today, 4th January, Voice Your Stories Team commemorate the World Braille Day by celebrating the courage of visually impaired individuals who have remained resilience in enhancing their literacy power.

We also celebrate the inventor, France, Louis Braille for impacting lives positively through this device.

Happy World Braille Day

Mercy Obot

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