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Time – Tick Tock Tick Tock

The sound of the clock has not changed

It dances in seconds, cat walks in minutes and births hourly.

We’ve always known time

And the clock had a feel of our birth,

It still watching us grow into years.

We were taught that we lose time,

But in reality, time is the one losing us

Because Day after Day, our flesh becomes dims.

While time becomes like a morning dew

Our bodies burns out each day,

Just as the candle light.

Our skin and legs wrinkle our strength away.

Now we know

Time does not fade away

But we are the ones that has the date of our birth and will eventually have a date to our death.

And The Clock will be there to give us the last respect.

Time is an infinite being who graciously remind us our state of Limit

It is our bodies that become feeble.

It is our strands of hair that turns into the white ferry.

It is our memory that loses power to Dementia.

Our sight becomes darkened

The oldie fragrance endow our flesh.

Some day, we will find ourselves shivering in hot weather.

Sometimes our lives can become shortened due to tragic- circumstances.

So, Instead of thriving to make use of time,

Thrive to make good use of yourself within the available timeframe.

Thrive to be the best version of yourself without any iota of comparison.

The Clock is valuable but You are the asset that is in a timeframe.

Don’t worry any longer about meeting up with the clock.

Now work towards fulfilling your life purpose before you wither away

For a day comes when we will transcend into glory as a teenager, Youth or in our old Age.

So Make haste because your dark days are at the corner.

Mercy Obot

Mercy Obot is a journalist, entrepreneur and an inspirational writer who takes delight in emboldening people through real life stories. She also loves reading, listening to cool music and making friends globally.

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