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Self Love: The Pure Revelation

Inspirational Self Love quote by Steve Maraboli states – “If you are not the hero of your own story, then you’re missing the whole point of your humanity.”

Daily we are so overwhelmed with the chaotic schedules that we forget to communicate with ourselves and listen to our needs.

Unfortunately, the world has wired us to get so engaged in activities in this digital era and we often lose contact with our personalities in the process of meeting the obligations of social acceptance.

We preach love in church but we are yet to have no iota of affection for ourselves. Just wondering how we know that we actually love someone when we don’t get to reap the fruit of such unconditional love for ourselves.

It is pertinent to exude a certain energy to love ourselves before we miss out on life itself.

I tell people that I enjoy my company and instantly I receive this awkward look that signals that I must be the next lesbian in town. I realized that I will always have me when others must have retired to their different homes.


*I learned to love myself when I came to the realization (sadly only a year ago) that no matter what happens in life, the only person that will be there always is me. So I had to get to know her, and, to be honest, I’m still getting to know her (me). But thus far she’s a pretty cool human.”….Anonymous

*Always remember that the most important relationship that you will have in your life is with yourself. Learn to treat yourself with love, respect, and care…Anonymous

*I Love myself more when I look back on how much I’ve grown. I remind myself daily that what’s meant for me, will be for me. The biggest lesson I’ve learned is to not dwell on things I wasn’t meant to control. You have to charge some things to the game and learn from them. Conditioning myself to think this way has made everything easier.
– Darius Simington

*What made me love myself more was realizing that my personal happiness, mental health, and self-confidence meant more than impressing strangers.”
– Andre Small

*Beauty and Value are super subjective and where one person may not prefer me, someone else may see me as the only option. When I noticed how much things varied, I realized I couldn’t base my own self-worth on anything external because these opinions varied so much and others’ opinions shouldn’t have power over my own anytime something changes.

When you have an outfit on and you want to know if you like it, you normally ask people and when you get several different answers they often turn the question back to you. “Do you like it, because that’s all that matters since you are wearing it not us”. They are 100% correct, the same goes for your value. My self-worth had to come from within and from then on I’ve been absolutely aware of my beauty, value, and power.”
– Janae Dixon

*In my experience, I think one of the keys to loving yourself more is loving yourself now, not tomorrow. We say, “Once I finish school, once I get the job I want, or once I find a good relationship,” but those things really cannot be accomplished or at least be accomplished at one’s fullest potential, if you do not love yourself first.

*It’s great to have drive and goals but you have to enjoy yourself and life for that matter in the meantime because as I found out, once you reach your goal, your personal pursuit of happiness will inevitably be delayed until next goal is met.”
– Grayson Moore

The moment I learned that you would never truly be happy until you loved unapologetically, unashamed and truly authentically yourself was the moment I fell in love with myself. No, it took years of hurt and sadness for me to learn that who I am is nothing to be ashamed of.
– Sofiyat Ibrahim

*My confidence, my energy, my perception of my health and my physical attractiveness is all a product of my inner voice, and the version of the story I narrate. Yes—people can say or do things that influence how you perceive yourself, but ultimately, my relationship with myself, my acceptance of my gifts and faults, is what drives my perception of self-worth.

  • Shannon

After years of living alone, experiencing wins and setbacks at work, finding love, losing love, and eventually meeting ‘the one,’ I’ve realized something profound about self-love: I’ve accepted that no matter how good or bad things around me are going, the most important factor influencing how I feel is me.

As I got older, I found myself comparing myself more and more to others and focusing on my ‘imperfections.’ I realized self-love is an exercise and something I have to work on every day. It has improved my quality of life, but like I said it’s an exercise and it’s not always easy.
-Yari T

After my last breakup, I realized that I wasn’t giving myself the love I know I deserved. I was waiting for someone else to love me and validate me. At the end of the day, I’ll always have my own back so I might as well accept the fact that no one will love you unless you love yourself first.
-Yasmin E.,


BE PATIENT WITH YOURSELF: Self-love is a character trait that needs to be practiced daily and it can take a lifetime to master such an attitude. So be patient, kind and support yourself through the hard times.

POSITIVE WORDS: Start each day by telling yourself words that will put you in a good mood. You can spice up your day by reminding yourself how well you handled a situation or how lovely you looked yesterday . Anything that will make you smile.

**LET GO OF THE COMPARISONS: You are your only kind on earth. People may sound like or have some of your character traits but they can never be you. Just wondering why the comparison, when you are the only one. The only person you should compare yourself to is you.

**RESPECTING OTHERS: Treating others with respect and love in turn depict we are in love with our being. It actually makes us feel better when we treat others the way we hope to be treated. That doesn’t mean everybody will always repay the favour, but that’s their problem, not yours.

**FORGIVE YOURSELF: Forgiving yourself is one of the first steps in developing self love. The reality is that you can’t change the things you have done in the past but you can control your future. Look at it as a learning experience and believe in your ability to change.

DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY: Get out there and do the things that light your fire. Enjoy them, enjoy being you and enjoy your work, dream, and friends.

LET GO OF THAT HURT: It is high time we stop drowning ourselves in that self-made poisonous pool and come in touch with reality. Holding on to pain or hurt drains our emotional beings and this is not healthy. The moment we learn that feeling hurtful is our own responsibility is when we will truly be free . People will always step on your toes but it is up to you to be hurtful.


Mercy Obot

Mercy Obot is a journalist, entrepreneur and an inspirational writer who takes delight in emboldening people through real life stories. She also loves reading, listening to cool music and making friends globally.

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