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life is for rent

The Life We Live On Earth Is For Rent

A renowned English singer, Dido once sang that “the life she is living is for rent”

and these words are having a grip on my “second thought”.

It is opening my intellectual horizon to thinking of every life being a borrowed life.

just as a rented apartment, the rentee is always at the mercy of the house owner regardless

of the amount he or she pays to occupy the space.

Our life is borrowed and as time crips by so is life fading away.

Thousand of souls have passed through this realm of living on earth

but only realized nothing on earth was really theirs.

Now, thousands of questions are hacking my brain,

what would I do differently if I were aware that my life here on earth is for rent?

Will I allow myself to be overwhelmed with the distractions,

or entangle my emotions with the worry of life or the future?

Will I fantasize about relationships or cage myself in a toxic one?

Will I be afraid of mounting the stage or decide to encourage everyone who

is at the edge of transcending so they can find a reason or need to

live another day?

Will I hold on to fear the way I am doing and give it wings to soar to any height it desires or I

would rather clip its wings and subdue its power over my mind now that I am coming to terms with the reality.

Will I bother to compare myself to others, knowing quite well that my own rented life is just enough for the time being?

Will, I really rage once someone steps on my toes and temper with my ego or I would rather create rooms for such offenses,

knowing that the life we live in is already cracked or torn apart.

Coming to terms with this truth dims the light on all high expectations and lets the outcome of events become foreseeable.

All hurts incarnated by you or others are set free on the platter of gold.

Every iota of betrayal is set loose and at the same time, the mental cage is broken.

Having the knowledge of your life is for rent on earth set you on a path of making each moment count,

this liberates you from any earthly entanglement and keeps you on a pace where the unforeseen afflictions are perceived

on a normal note.

Also, being aware of your inner strength which emanates from your spiritual being

becomes an essential necessity that is embedded in your subconsciousness,

knowing that even if your life is for rent, the end of your existence marks the beginning of how you lived your life here on earth.

So on this note, it’s imperative to just accomplish resoundable goals to free yourself from any regret when death comes calling.

remember, your life is for rent, thus make haste while the sun is still scorching on your skin.

Mercy Obot

Mercy Obot is a journalist, entrepreneur and an inspirational writer who takes delight in emboldening people through real life stories. She also loves reading, listening to cool music and making friends globally.

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