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The Life Story of a Ghanaian Citizen who has refused To Go

The bag checked in blue or red called “Ghana Must Go” stands as a symbol that alerts the Ghanaians on what happened as far back as 17th January, 1983. Several undocumented Ghanaian immigrants in Nigeria were sent back to their country. It was indeed an era of agony and cold–shouldering to those that were found wanting, they were given a choice to either return or risk jail sentences.

However, as the years went by, remonstration against the Ghanaians seemed annihilated, paving way for more foreigners to troop into Nigeria, Ghanaians inclusive. Regardless of the period of despair, they still risked the long-haul travel to Nigeria in search of jobs. Isaac’s parents perhaps were among the hundreds that resolved to relocate to Nigeria in search of a better life.

This young Ghanaian has grown to enjoy the privilege in settling in Nigeria. To him the foreign land has now evolved into his first home. At 29, he is in possession of three parcels of land, with one fetching him a title of landlord with tenants.

Everybody builds up a driving force that serves as a locomotive train leading one to his or her desirable destination. To lsaac, his motivation was his Father. At 13, Isaac’s father abandoned him in Nigeria, leaving him with no penny. He also caused more injury when he denied being Isaac’s father due to his reckless behaviour. Young lsaac had to cope with the trauma of denial, abandonment and also a family problem that caused the separation of his parents.

Consequently, he had to engage in menial jobs such as being a house help, to continue his education in Ogun state. When he couldn’t afford schooling expenses, lsaac withdrew from school and travelled to Lagos.

While in Lagos, he was overwhelmed by the hazardous environment, especially the crowd. His determination and optimistic spirit did not slow him down. lsaac went on to engage in labour and saved some money, returned back to Ogun State and completed his senior secondary classes.

To achieve impactful goals, the Ghanaian let go of his toxic behaviour and inculcated good traits. His new character traits paved way and instilled in the community an admiration of his personality while helping him to complete his higher institution.

Fortunately for the migrant, one of his relatives gave him N20,000, two Play Stations and a shop to start his business. Isaac used the opportunity effectively.

In his words “l doubled my hustle by selling other items like phone accessories and home disk videos”.

His hard work eventually paid off when he bought his first land. Despite his business flourishing, he went further to learn a skill in interior and exterior designing.

This particular line of business made lsaac breakthrough financially. He told #VoiceYourStories crew that through painting, he has worked for dignitaries within Western Region in Nigeria. To him, the Nigerian market is not really about how good you are but how connected you are, and this has contributed to his success.

Apart from connection, he also hinted other characters he had to exhibit in order to be financially stable and these include having few reasonable friends, being focused in his business and having faith in God. He also indicated that he had to let go of multiple sexual relationships because it can serve as a major distraction.

Saving and investment are essential in any business growth, With this knowledge, lsaac sort for soft loans while indulging himself in corporatives in three different branches.

” lt is not easy to do contribution every week but it is worth the sacrifice”, he said. Isaac invested in getting two plots of land and building a house in one. He also involves in other businesses that give him multiple streams of income.

On furthering his education, Isaac posited that “My future plans do not involve furthering my education. I believe anybody that attends a tertiary institution is aiming to be financially buoyant. By God’s grace, l am doing well financially so there is no need for school.”

On plans to return to his country, Ghana, Isaac stated that any country one settles in,to make ends meet, is his home country. As such he has no intention of going back to Ghana except to visit his family members. He noted that nobody knows him in Ghana, but over the years through his hard work in business, he has built connection in Nigeria.

Over the years, Isaac has trained young people to be experts in his field of business. His character traits and achievement have made him a role model to youths in his environment. Isaac therefore earns our PERSONALITY OF THE WEEK trophy for his pragmatic spirit and being an inspiration to his generation.


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