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Should Sex Workers’ Day be Acknowledged?

Some time ago, I asked whether it is okay for Sex Workers’ Day to be acknowledged and given a significant date. A trail of comments got hooked on the question and their perspective on the post was quite interesting and impactful.

June 2nd is a day set aside to acknowledge Sex Workers‘ for their kind gesture towards their humanitarian services to men, especially satisfying men’s high libido.

Again I ask,  should they be acknowledged for such services or should the date be flushed down the lane where maggots seemingly have a delightful time?

Well, It is reported that thousands of men get hooked up with prostitutes daily, making the trade a lucrative one.

It is also imperative to note that International Sex Workers’ Day is also marked to enlighten the public about the dehumanizing treatments and exploitative working conditions that sex workers often face at the hands of perpetrators in society.

Amidst these unfortunate circumstances, we are aware as an advocacy group that a time comes in a human life when a twist of fate seems to place one in a circle to either have an affair with the devil or the dark deep blue sea.

Therefore, we state that Sex Workers’ Day should be acknowledge to create awareness of the physical abuses, emotional torture, economic constraints as well as premature mortality young women go through in the journey of prostitution.

No matter the criticism, sex workers are humans too who have their fundamental rights to live.

So instead of hauling our stones to criticize sex workers,  we rather ignite our candlelight to empathize with women and girls who are caught up in the web of this dehumanizing trade.

Voice Your Stories illuminates the hearts of every Sex Worker who gives smiles to their family members while bleeding in silence.

We acknowledge the courage, guts, and boldness of those young ladies who imprint their feet on the spot where their colleagues were gruesomely murdered in broad daylight just to fend for themselves and their loved ones. 

The light also shines on those who are still finding their way back to their dreamland but the pathways seem to blur up with impossibilities.

To the single mother who got hookup with the peril trade and lost her way back home, we illuminate your heart.

To that orphan who has nowhere to go but sees prostitution as an escape route from unfair reality, we acknowledge you.

The light also illuminates the hearts of all those who were trafficked into the trade to have a better life.

To the ladies who had to swear to a witch doctor to find themselves in a country far away from home, we see you.

To those who are wrapped up in the nightmare of an eternity of emotional guilt, we shine our lights on you as well.

To those who had to give out their bodies to more than seven men to meet up a particular need, we empathize with you.

The light illuminates the heart of those who have been greeted with dehumanized attitudes by men, raped often in the trading process, and left to be fed up by vultures. Your hurricane experiences can never be fully phantom in human terms but we understand that life can serve us a bitter meal while watching us wallow in the thickest pit.

Voice Your Stories prays for you to find the courage to find yourself and have an intimate relationship with it again. We can never understand the thickness of your tears, but we send these words of inspiration to revive your wings so you can fly to a world where tranquility will mend your brokenness.

Mercy Obot

Mercy Obot is a journalist, entrepreneur and an inspirational writer who takes delight in emboldening people through real life stories. She also loves reading, listening to cool music and making friends globally.

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