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Rekindling The Heart of TODAY

TODAY is a gift from God, therefore I will acknowledge it with thanksgiving in my heart and lay out thoughtful plans to beautify it.

For TODAY is not Yesterday, neither is it Tomorrow.

Never will I compare the day to any other day because it is not worth it.

TODAY is TODAY, a day that I will never have anymore once the clock throbs midnight.

For this purpose, I will rejoice TODAY, blush it with gladness at heart, and adore it with historical deeds.

I will say ‘no’ to mood swings and I will say ‘yes’ to the inner desires of the heart.

I will view the day as a glitter of diamond or refined gold worth valuing.

I will let go of past pain while having a glimmer of hope for a better day.

I will forgive myself this day while offering my life a reason to start afresh.

I will go beyond my emotions and get things done.

I will dare the fears in my heart and rewrite my dreams again

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I will affirm how wonderful I am and the amazing individual I am evolving to be.

I will help out and impact lives with my inherent potential.

I will take care of my mental health by thinking positively about what I need from God

I will release all hatred and liberate myself from former guilt and shame.

I will strive to be my truth and ignore the naysayers

I will choose to respect myself with seasonal words and do what I have to do on this day because tomorrow is not promising.

So dear TODAY, you are blessed with God’s fruitfulness and mercies…

You are mine, just as I am yours

With Love at heart, I will use you effectively and efficiently

I adore You, welcome on board

Mercy Obot

Mercy Obot is a journalist, entrepreneur and an inspirational writer who takes delight in emboldening people through real life stories. She also loves reading, listening to cool music and making friends globally.

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