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Pastor Jimmy Odukoya Shares His Life Ordeal

The life journey of the new Lead Pastor of Fountain of Life, Pastor Jimmy Odukoya, is that of courage and hope, despite being knocked sideways by tragic scenarios of the death of his loved ones.

Pastor Jimmy Odukoya is the first son and second child of the late pastors, Bimbo Odukoya and Taiwo Odukoya. On September 17, 2023, Jimmy was made the Senior Pastor and General Overseer of Fountain of Life after the demise of his father on 7 August, in the United States at age 67.

Sharing his life story on BBC pidgin, he narrated how life has kicked him in the teeth and how he intends to go through his fears to chart a new course. This is regarding his new position of being the Lead Pastor of his late father’s ministry.

In his words,” Because of my life experiences, nothing dey shake me again. In this my short life span, I have experienced a lot. I have lost my dad, mum, my stepmother, my aunty, grandma, and grandpa.

“I have lost many people in my life. So when the thing you fear the most happens to you, you have nothing left to fear anymore. Over the years, my relatives have learned to be close to one another due to losing so many people to death in the family.

“Through it all, the most shocking of them is my father’s demise because he was so strong and full of life. I didn’t see my father’s death coming, we thought he would live to his eighties and nineties. In all, I have learned that in life, nothing is sure.”

Addressing People’s concern about his physical appearance, Jimmy said his priority at present is yielding to the call of God in his life. Talking about his dreadlocks, bears and piecing his ears, Jimmy hinted that everything he does can be backed up with scriptures. He highlighted that God gave Sampson a long hair and the children of Israel were in possession of jewelries. Jimmy also said that Jesus Christ had bears, therefore his bears, long hair and piercing should not be condemned.

Fielding a question on how ready he is for his ministry journey. The Lead Pastor said he will rely on the help of God. “In this ministry journey, I will be relying on God’s help and not my strength because I believe no amount of preparation or experience you have can make you feel you have it all together.

“This sensitive position can force anyone to be humble because you would rather not disappoint God and the people. So my preparation towards this journey is to consistently stay connected to God and rely on his help always.”

Responding on how he intends to handle his ministry and acting career, Jimmy said he has been in the movie industry for over six years. He has experienced breakthroughs, although Nollywood is viewed as an industry that is difficult to break in.

“ From Nollywood, I had the opportunity to work in Hollywood, this means, if God sent you to some way, he will make a way for you. When I started my acting career, people said it was impossible, but during my acting career, I have experienced breakthroughs while being in the industry for six years.

“One of my major outbreak is when I was provided the opportunity to work in Hollywood, where he was an actor in “The Woman King”. What God has shown me through my journey with him is that nothing is impossible with him.

“Now God has called me to do this call, I don’t know how I will manage it, but God will figure it out. But my priority now is to focus on my call to the ministry, especially now that my father is no more. This does not mean, I can’t act, once an actor, always an actor.

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