How To Overcome the Fear of Death

How To Overcome the Fear of Death

Walking the path of the living yet terrified by thoughts of death, this I deeply understand. My first experience occurred during the end of the second quarter in 2018. Its horror left me traumatized, with scarification unhealed.

Mortality rates surged last year, triggering the fear of death. As my thoughts strayed, l soon sank into depression with its debilitating negative effects on me. Struggling to crawl out of this emotional trauma became dilemmatic.

I need not attempt a narration of my ordeal, for certainly, words will fail to explain same. But healing came through when l made the decision to stand up to my fears. My liberation is outlined in these few steps hereunder.


*Spot out the Root of your Fears:
Knowing the cause of your fear is the first healing process. It can be as a result of the happenings in your environment or a death of a loved one or anything. Knowing the root of the fear serves you the platform for putting an end to it. It is worthy to note that it is absolutely natural for sad events in the society to trigger our fears and anxiety. First, you are not abnormal. You are simply experiencing normal human traits which are quite okay. But you need to get your life back.

*Hold on to your Conviction
Believing in something more powerful than your human ability is really needful. As a Christian, when l was going through the traumatic experience, l stayed glued to the Word of God which gave me hope.

”For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.” – Jeremiah 29: 11 (KJV).
You should lay your expectations to God so you can have peace of mind. This scripture ministered directly to me during that scary period. I equally grew in my prayer life. This heightened my faith in God and this became an amazing experience.

*lgnore the Fear once it Pops up :
When terrified, deliberately ignore the emotions. Don’t ponder on the thought; rather get busy with more important things. Nurturing the thought of death, gives it power over you but once you ignore it, the fear simply gets eliminated.

* Avoid Conversations or Video clips that may Trigger the Fear:
This is very important. You need to deliberately avoid any discussion or movie that makes you feel devastated. During my healing process, l intentionally said “NO” to horror movies and any discussion on death. l always excused myself when the need arose. You need to protect your thought life.

* Focus Your Mind on the Good News:
Social media can either grace your mood or mar you. But you determine its effect on your life. Concentrating on the birthday wishes, the congratulatory messages, wedding ceremonies, political appointments or academic achievements can go a long way in healing you. Ironically, most of the good news are usually overshadowed by obituaries or a sudden death of a young person.

In a bit to overcome the fear of death, you will experience a relapse but don’t let it get a hold of you… Fight to get your life back on Track…

* The Power Lies in You

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