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Overcoming Food Cravings At All Cost

Have been having food cravings for a long period of time now, and I am no longer finding it funny. It has been one of my challenges over the years, and facing this defect trait daily is like being drowned in an ocean. Its enticement is making me gain weight, and it intensifies in the late evenings when my body is supposed to have its full rest.

Well, these food Cravings made me take a meal after 8 pm yesterday after prompting me to romance the streets in the early hours, just to search for a dinner that will satisfy my burning desires. At the end of the day, bread, noodles, and eggs became my saving grace.

The food cravings came again this morning, hacking my thoughts like a burning furnace. I started thinking of what to eat to satisfy my appetite while rendering me reckless. In the middle morning, I determined to be in control by facing what was beneath the truth.

Self-discipline is not a pleasurable journey, it is all about stabbing your emotional desires with the truth and deliberately making healthy decisions that will yield fruits in a long run. So, this is what I determined to do this morning, I stabbed the emotional food cravings with the truth after realizing that it didn’t come from any symptom of any health issue but from an emotional response.

The truth is food cravings are emotional outburst, momentary happiness, and short-term pleasure that leaves one’s body in a log of unnecessary fats…. This is the truth beneath it all. So confronting this truth and walking through its consequences made me deliberately take my green tea while knocking off every arousing thought of going out to get some goodies.

I know getting myself stuffed up this morning was not healthy because I ate late at night, so I had to do something to remedy the situation. Green tea became my first choice. The next step was to distraught my thoughts on the food cravings by penning this write-up down to save a soul out there and making relevant calls.

Intentionality in making healthy decisions, especially replacing your thoughts with your “To-Do -List” is one of the effective ways of getting these cravings off the hook. I will go ahead being intentional about my eating habits even if it’s not so comfortable and, besides, this is what self-discipline entails. And this becomes necessary because I need to lose weight to avoid any health challenges.

It will be a battle between Food Cravings and My health. I have made up my mind to win in this fight even though I fall several times in a roll, I will not give up because my body is paramount, and my flesh needs nourishment, not an emotional enticement to be alive. You are not alone in this battle of food Cravings, Let’s fight with the mind and grab the trophy of longevity.

The battle starts now!

Mercy Obot

Mercy Obot is a journalist, entrepreneur and an inspirational writer who takes delight in emboldening people through real life stories. She also loves reading, listening to cool music and making friends globally.

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