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Osinachi And Our Astraddle Daily Lifestyles

Osinachi ‘ s death must have divorced some souls from their inherent bodies due to the inhuman treatment of her husband ,Peter Nwachukw and the catholic abuses she had to endure to stay in her marital home.

The passionate singer must have been terrified passing through the lonely path that was greased with nightly terror while the day had its sporadic shots of plight. Despite her Illuminating voice, she couldn’t echo out her pain. Her sensational lyrics made people to establish intimacy with the All Powerful, But it took just one man to walk her down an early grave.

People have asked in their diverse comments,” Why did she stay? But we may never phantom why she chosed to nurture a beast who was consistently burning her flesh with catholic abuses . Why She chosed the old religion of being the submissive wife despite feasting with sporadic death threats. Osinachi was intentional in keeping her marital home regardless the cracks that wooed her home of hurricane pain and mystery.

Indeed her hope of her husband changing for the better was turned into a nightmare. She is far gone and there is nothing one can do to revive her body back to live.

If Osinachi had a second chance, would she have still warmed her matrimonial bed? If her dead came as a revelation, would she have still stayed? But it’s heartbreaking to witness a young vibrant lady transcending in her 40s when she had options to widen her years in grace and so much splendour.

How does her tragedy relates to our lives?

Well, her life reminds us of how well we nurture the relationships, traits, substances that are reaping us apart but yet we decide to highten their pleasures. Some of us are now addicted and made the heinous lifestyle our comfort zone in which we can’t do without. The enticement has taken root in our lives but each day we come in terms with the truth, we tend to give it a second chance in our lives. Hoping that one-day, it will all go away.

Just as Osinachi, she couldn’t summon up courage to face the giant who took delight in making her hit the rock bottom of life. The horrific phase of life fast became her comfortable zone and in maintaining its sanity, she muted those who would have rescued her from the illicit act. At this point, she accepted her fate and nurtured the hope of her beloved husband changing to the man who she will finally call her angel.

Now I ask, when are we putting an end to that mystery facing us daily? When will we muscle up to say “that’s it” and courageous pluck off its existence in our minds?
When will we say “NO” to that harmful substance, weird lifestyle and No to that web of fear in our lives?

When will we say “Yes” to the habits and lifestyle that will bring us to a place of peace to ourselves and humanity?

Whatever decisions you will make right now, make sure it will lead you to a place of peace and serve you a space to be your truth.

Mercy Obot

Mercy Obot is a journalist, entrepreneur and an inspirational writer who takes delight in emboldening people through real life stories. She also loves reading, listening to cool music and making friends globally.

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