Nuggets on Rescuing Yourself From Lisa Nichols

Nuggets on Rescuing Yourself From Lisa Nichols

Lisa Nichols is an African American Author who has been at the rock bottom of life but despite the psychological deformity or discomfort, she decided to be her own saviour and rescuer.

She has been been in abusive relationships, has been a single mother to a child whose father was in prison, has paddled with poverty and also ridiculed for not being sound academically.

Lisa has moved from being a wretched lady with a kid to being a life coach, using her self rescue skills to transform millions of lives. With determination, development in certain skills and letting go of toxic behaviours, she has turn out to be the lady she is desiring to be.

Below are Nuggets for Rescuing yourself and being that person you desire to be

“Be willing to completely die to any form of you that you had been so that you can birth the person that you desire of becoming ”

* “The reason people will not become the person they want is because they are too attached to the person they have been.”

* ” lf the person you are is not working for you, you need to make a change.”

* “You have to sign up to be inconvenience if your dreams must be achieved.

* “We refused to grow because we want to be liked by everybody. Be willing to be your own rescue at the risk of others approval.

* “Be willing to allow your conviction to make you inconvenienced

* “Letting go of your ego is part of self rescue

” Let go of every toxic behaviours in your life.

*The world is following your example on how to treat you, so how you treat you is the world going to follow your lead.

* Decide to make commitments to yourself. When it comes to being committed to others, we show extra commitment than we show ourselves.

* “Celebrate you , forgive you, make commitment to you and invest money in yourself.

* “You have to be willing to disrupt your entire life to buy your future and give your dream a chance.

*“Surround yourself with things that stretch you.

* “lf you go where you have never gone , do what you have never done and say what you never said, you will become that person you have always known yourself to be.

*”ln doing you, you inspire people

* “You are an unrepeatable miracle , so give the world some of you.

* “Let your job help you invest in your dream”.

*” lt is not anybody’s job to complete you, it is your job to complete you.

* “Learn to give the world the permission to leave you and love you.

* “There is no elevator to your dreams , just stairs.”

*” You are your own rescue, no one else is”>

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