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Choosing Myself Over Kids – Nse Ikpe

Nse Ikpe Etim’s life story came as a shock to her fans when she revealed she had to choose her life over bearing kids, no matter the stigma the society placed on her as a woman.

The award winning Nollyhood actress was 39 year old when she actually got married, she is a native of Akwa lbom State and a first child of six children.

Nse Ikpe revealed this secret in an event tagged “Conversation With Nse”. During the interaction, the talented actress said she went through the medical procedure called Hysterectomy which means removal of the womb in order to live a normal life.

She further disclosed how she was diagnosed with Adenomyosis which is a medical condition where the inner lining of the uterus breaks through the muscle wall of the uterus. Reacting to the medical report she narrated.

” l was depressed, l could not work again, l was not able to deal with it. I just wallowed in it and it was tough and difficult. There are times l still cry but after all being said and done l would have to get on with it.”

Living in a society where a woman’s belly is being watched carefully after her marital vows can be a pain in the neck. This eagerness arouses an amount of pressure in the woman and this can be so discomforting.

Nse words – ” People are so anxious once you are married, they expect you to be pregnant and once this is not forth coming, there is this ill talk about you perhaps you did abortions in the past.

Nse Ikpe went further and stated the reason she let out her secret and the importance of women being there for themselves irrespective of the pressure they find themselves.

” l did not know one day l would be able to talk about my secret because l thought nobody actually cares. I later realized l will not be helping anybody and am thankful about it.

” You can actually face your fears and conquer them at the same time, that is what l chose to do. Just do you, Just do what you love. Don’t do it because people are going to look at you and think that you are a woman. ”


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