Muslim Father who doubled as a Saint and a demon

Muslim Father who doubled as a Saint and a demon

Every daughter longs to have a father who will shield her with fatherly love, and also stand in as a spiritual model. To Misha, she had a father that was committed to spiritual matters, but there was another untold story that made her drink her pain while silently eating her scream, this became her daily dosage in a place she called home.

Misha shared her life story on Christian Broadcasting Network Studio on how she coped with a Muslim father who doubled as a saint and a demon in his household.

Her Story:

“Born into a Muslim family, l had a strict Muslim father who disciplined us to pray five times a day, and carefully study the Koran regularly. I saw myself as a child pleasing both Allah and father so as not to intrigue anger of any sort.

“This lifestyle became a daily routine but despite the religious commitment, my home became a living hell as l witnessed my dad frequently assaulting my mom. The physical fight between my parents were so intense for a child’s view. This conflict served as a wrestle show, as l watched mum trying to defend herself from a husband that was fast becoming a terror in the family.

“My dad was also sexually abusive, l remembered lying next to my sister and my dad would sexually abuse her, l felt her pain because l saw the illicit act. In all this, my mum became so helpless, she had nobody that could save her from the agonizing misery.

” However, the climax of the violent at home made me question Allah’s power and care and as a result of this, l had a push to pray to God and not Allah. In the midst of my tears, l would pray for Him to rescue my sisters from my father’s beatings. Fortunately, In just a short time, police came to our house to arrest my dad, and he was charged with robbery and attempted murder and was sentenced to ten years in prison.

“This was a proof that God answers prayer, but the battle was not over. In my early teens, my family moved to New York City through the help of some family relatives but life became harder afterwards.
As a 15-year-old, l had to work as a stripper to support the family financially. Mum had no idea what her little girl was doing and l completely forgot God and sought after money because l really needed it.

“After two years my father was paroled, he actually died and life went on. After graduation, l married Larry who was from a Christian family. He did fill that empty space in my life, but it was not that long when l committed adultery with an older man. Seeing my father’s promiscuous attitude as a child, made me thought, it was okay to cheat in marriage.

“It must have been heartbreaking for Larry, but he decided to work on our marriage, and we came back together. My life now has turned a new leaf because l had a husband that forgave and loved me. Making a choice also to surrender to Jesus Christ as a Muslim girl made me forgive those that wounded me in the past. My new faith made me to create positive impacts in those around me.

“I remembered being that girl that desperately needed someone to fill that fatherly love in me, l even sought the love from men l met at the strip club but to no avail. My new faith has led me to have a heavenly father that l desperately needed as a child.

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