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Ladunni Married at 48, Had First Child At 50

This is a remarkable life story of Ladunni Idowu Giwa-Osagie who found love at 47, walks down the aisle at 48 and welcomes her first child just few days to her 50th birth anniversary.

This soul lifting story was shared on a Facebook post by Ladunni’s friend, Ifeanyi Omeni.

According to her, Ladunni shared the testimony of her marriage ceremony on a Christian WhatsApp group for single ladies.

The message reads, “I, Oladunni Idowu, finally found love at 47. Join me in appreciating God for his faithfulness and mercy. Indeed, delay is not denial,” Ladunni had written.

Omena further said that Ladunni got married to Aigbovo Giwa-Osagie at 48 and miraculously got pregnant at 49.

She hinted that her lovely friend recently gave birth to a bouncing boy who is called “Osarumuwese”. According to her, the baby’s name means, “the Lord has done me well.”

In Omena words, “Ladunni’s story follows a trail of triumph. Of a lady who found love at 47, married at 48, got pregnant at age 49 and just before her 50th birthday, gave birth to a baby boy called Osarumuwese – The Lord has done me well; Oluwaseyitanfunmi – the Lord has done this for me in full and Nosakhare – God’s will.”

Meanwhile, Ladunni’s friend encourages other single ladies in their forties to be steadfast in their commitment to God and not to succumb to family and societal pressures, noting that God has not forgotten them and will help them in His own time.

Clocking 40 without being married must have left Ladunni in a twilight zone where she was faced with derogatory comments by her beloved family, friends and the society at large. Amidst the traumatizing scenario, God showed up in a big way.

You too can get married and have your children but are you heal enough to embark on this journey?

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