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57 Year Old Widow Who Found Love Again

The 57 Year Old who got married again after being a widow for 15 years shared her remarkable story in an interview session with BBC Pidgin.

According to Pastor Victoria Opinor who narrated her life story in Pidgin language revealed her episodes of traumatizing moments in her former marital affair and her breakthroughs prior her new marital journey.

In her words, “My name is Pastor Victoria Elohor Opionor, I actually remarried after 15 years of losing my late husband to death and I’m 57 years of age…

“As a young child, I was deprived of love because I married quite early and this lasted 14 years and five months. I didn’t have any knowledge of what marriage entailed before tieing the knot with my husband.

“So that love I was deprived of as a child is what God is giving me now at 57.

“For 14 years, I have been carrying my late husband from one place to another and after his demise, I still stayed for another 15 years again, carrying the load of two people, it was very challenging.

“I am not remarrying because of loneliness, I will like to say that what I am experiencing now is God’s divine arrangement.”

Her husband, Pastor Chris Opionor, also gave a hint of himself by stating that this is his first time of getting married and he is so happy to spend his marital journey with his newly beloved wife who is 57 year old.

Prior her new marriage, the female Pastor said she developed a cold feet on revealing her new marital journey to her children and was scared in the process but later she summon up courage after praying to God.

The children gave her their consent to remarry and this marked a turning point in her life as she graciously walked down the aisle to meet her heart throb.

Mrs Victoria Opionor admonished young women who want to marry early to be aware of its hazardous and blissful parts especially if there is financial constraints in the marital affair.

“I want to advice young persons that to marry early has its good side and bad side. If there is money, you can enjoy the Union but if there is no money, there is a tendency that you will suffer.

This is another love story for the widows who wish to ignite their affection towards loving again after years of being alone. Just in the words of popular Nigerian artiste, DBanj,”Don’t get it twisted, Love Is a Beautiful Thing”

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