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Jennifer Lopez, Gaga: The Cracked Road to Fame

Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga were among the artistes that performed last week during the inauguration ceremony for the 46th US President, Joseph Biden and the first Black, Asian-American, female Vice President , Kalama Harris.

Lady Gaga belted out America’s national anthem while Jennifer Lopez performed a moving medley. Their performances were a top notch for the 59th inaugural Swearing- in Ceremony.

However, the path they paved to actually own a stage at one of the historic moments in America is graded with shock waves of pain, potholes of soul touching disappointments and a thousandth flashes of thumb down on their talents.

Jennifer once revealed in an interview that people said “she can’t sing”, ” she can’t act “or ” dance ” and all she had according to their description was “a big butt ” and “a pretty face.” These black lashing comments really hurts her for a long time and she was at the edge of giving it all up to the dreaded strangers..

She also disclosed that out of 40 movies that she has done, she has gotten 100 or 400 No’s in between.

With her parents disapproval to be a performer and trapped under the world’s scrutiny as well as involving in toxic relationships, intrigued the stunning artist to be at the edge of bowing out of her career but somehow, she kept going.

“Despite the hates and the pain, I just kept going. I couldn’t allow myself to let that become who I was.”

Similarly, Stefano Germanotta who is popularly known as Lady Gaga also had her beat downs in life. Assaulted at the age of 19 by a powerful man in the society and being bullied relently at school made one of the world’s greatest singers to be an expression of shame.

“I was assaulted when I was 19 , there were so many things that broke me and traumatized me. Part of me shut down and was ashamed. I was bullied and told I was a garbage but my love for music kept me going.”

” I was so determine to live my dreams and yet, there were so much in the way. There were so many things I did not anticipate that broke me, tortured me and traumatized me.”

She said she had to invent her self from being Stefani to Lady Gaga so that she can feel stronger than her pain and shame.

However, these two Ladies have over the years defied the odds through hard work, consistency and self confident. They devoured the walls of scrutiny and self weaklings, to curate their lives and becoming among the world’s best performers.

Their comeback victory to the brick walls of life are rapped up in the statements below:

” I always thought I was going to find happiness and love in another person, I believed another person was going to give that to me and then I realized that that’s not how it is at all. You actually get to be happy all by yourself if you can just appreciate yourself and know your worth and your value. Nobody knows what you can do but you.” – Jennifer Lopez

“And all that stuff that I went through, I don’t have to feel pain about it anymore. It can just be a part of me and I can keep going. I am no longer going to define myself as a survivor or a victim of sexual assault. I am good enough, I am perfectly imperfect.” – Lady Gaga

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