I Sacrificed My Life to Save My Siblings”- A 70- year- old Virgin Narrated Her Story

I Sacrificed My Life to Save My Siblings”- A 70- year- old Virgin Narrated Her Story

Indeed, we are all bruised with decisions we took in the past amidst perilous time and in our present life, we are faced with consequences of those past actions.

To Benenitta Aiphonsino, her decisions of waiting till her siblings graduated before she walked down the aisle has left her with an emotional loopholes that is seeking a man’s intimacy.

She is 70 year old who is hoping to marry and start her own family. To seal this commitment, she has not had any sexual contact with any man because of her self worth as a woman.

Voicing her life story on Afrimax platform, the woman from a small community in Democratic Republic of Congo, disclosed being the third child in her family. She actually became the head when the first child, her eldest sister died.

Aiphonsino was left with the responsibility of taking care of her siblings and the children of her late sister.

In an interview session, the 70 year old virgin said, ” I sacrificed my life to save the lives of my siblings and now I want to get married. I was born in 1952 and the third born in my family.

“As a young girl, many men approached me for marriage but I refused to get married because I wanted my siblings to graduate first. This decision was taken on the bases of avoiding more responsibilities so I had to focus on my siblings education first.

“This decision made sense at that time because I was the only person taking care of my immediate family and providing almost all their needs. I thought once my siblings graduate, I will eventually get married but now, I am still helping others to study in school and still single too.”

Aiphonsino who is also a teacher in the Catholic Church has imparted many children with knowledge and this has given her a sense of fulfilment.

According to her, she may not have any biological kids but I am blessed with children through my philanthropy gestures towards them.

With no husband and children, the 70 year old virgin still smiles as the rays of the sun because of her immense contributions to her family and to her community at large. Although, she is a 70 year old woman, she still believes of having her own love story still fulfilled.

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