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His Fear For Women locked Him in For 55 years

To what extent can you fear women?

The life story of Callixte Nzamwita has left people to be shocked to the nth degree over his drastic decision of living behind doors for 55 years just to avoid having contact with women.

In an interview with Afomax, the African old man in his 70s revealed that his phobia for women has isolated him from having a normal life that is matched up to the pedestal expectations of the society.

In his words- ” The reason I locked myself inside is that I don’t want women to be close to me. Women make me scared, I am so afraid that I ensure my fence is locked to stop women from invading my premises”

According to him, he said the fears started when he was just 16 years old and at the age of 71, he is still scared of women. Although he didn’t give an in-depth of the reason he is afraid of women, he made mention of poverty being part of his decision.

To accomplish his non normalcy lifestyle, Nzamwita confined himself in a shade that can be likened to an abandoned hut. Within the house, he created corners where he does his humanly chores.

From cooking, defecating, urinating and taking his bath, all these activities are done in his small house he calls home. Touring around his apartment, it was noticed that his toilet is under his bed, there is no separate place between the kitchen and his bathroom. All activities seemed to be done in the same place.

One wonders how Callixte feeds or clothes himself while staying true to avoiding and sustaining his fear for women.

It is interesting to note that his neighbours who are women find ways of feeding him by throwing in foodstuffs into his compound. One of the women who lives close to the man said the women around his vicinity cater for his needs by throwing food items and clothes into his compound, since his fence is perpetually locked to avoid any intrusive movements by women.

Regardless of these women’s kind gestures and philanthropic spirits toward his wellbeing, he still upholds his disgusting dispositions toward women by not allowing them to be close to him, let alone establishing relationship with any of them. So he takes whatever they offer from a distance.

Even though Nzamwita’s lifestyle seems not to be pleasant to the eyes, Callixte is happy he took the decision to seclude himself from the flourish nature of the world because of his fears of women.

“The way I live and fear women is enough for me, I don’t have any intention of living with any woman,” Nzamwita said.

The lifestyle of this 71-year-old man depicts an individual’s depth of anxieties and an extent humans can go if they don’t face their fears squarely to overcome them.

It is believed, this aged man’s decision of not living around women should not be judged but should be perceived as a human factor that is relatable with our challenges and fears in life.

And when we think deeply, our fears have kept us in a particular spot for decades and till this moment, we are thriving to find out ways and be liberated from the shackles of our anxieties. Callixte Nzamwita is not different, although his phobia has received mixed reactions on social space.

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