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Female Ex Corp Member who lived with10 guys

Female Ex Corp member, Oyebiyi Esther Erioluwa Narrates her ordeal living alone with over 10 boys in the same lodge.

In her words :

“During my NYSC days, I lived with over 10 guys as the only lady in the lodge. I wouldn’t say I was careful and strict enough. There were times I was careless and allowed myself to be VULNERABLE but NONE of them has ever harassed me! Not even the worst of them. At first, I was scared and I felt insecure but I believed all would be well and I just kept being myself.

“There were times, my room would start leaking or strange animals make strange sounds within my walls and I’d carry my bed in the middle of the night to Michael Igilas room and nothing happened!

“There were times I fell asleep while we were having our normal yabbing and debate session. There were times I slept off without remembering to lock my down and these wonderful guys would keep watching over me like a baby.

“There were times they would drag me out of my room whenever they felt I was feeling lonely and would force me to go for a walk in the school premises that is as big as half of LASPOTECH (even if they’re slaughtering a person in the premises, no one would ever know).

“Eseosa Rotimi Omoregbee has fallen asleep in my room countless times (as par say he sabi argue ehn) and he has never held my hand in any way that would make me feel uncomfortable.

“Mc Ikebobo Cfr was my movie plug! We spent countless hours watching movies and nothing happened!

“These guys (I can’t mention them all) shielded and protected me. Outsiders couldn’t even come close. Kwale men sef fear!
They helped me in doing my chores, rated how I looked and even were my official photographers (Though my pot suffered).

“SEYI, UGOCHUKWU, EMEKA, PAUL, EMMANUEL, NATURE, GODSWILL, EZE, ETC, I celebrate the men that you guys are!

“There are still more than enough responsible men out that can rape and YOU should join their league. ” She asserted as a female ex corp member.

Mercy Obot

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