Erumena Amata: Lady who walked down the aisle at 64

Erumena Amata: Lady who walked down the aisle at 64

It all turned out to be an unprecedented and historic event as Erumena Amata, the elder sister of a prominent movie producer in Nollywood, Fred Amata, walked down the aisle for the first time in her life to marry her husband as she clocked 64.

Just as her name, Erumena which means, ” this is my beauty”, her traditional marriage and wedding ceremony were indeed captured in spiral of beautiful moments which intrigued every hearts with beam of irresistible joy and happiness.

Erumena tied the knot with her heart throb, Mr Benjamin Akpoghene-Adaiah, who is Pastor and hails at Asaba, Delta State.

This epic moment which took place on 9th October, 2021, was revealed by Fred Amata in his Instagram post and this single inscription attracted galore of congratulatory messages to him and the sister.

According to the Nollywood Producer, the family had given up hope on the sister to be a Mrs since she turned 60.

He noted that she was ridiculed and tormented as she was aging year after year but despite the challenges, she was steadfast in God with incredible spirit of preservarance.

In an interview session with BBC Pidgin, Erumena Amata confirmed that she married for the first time at 64 after everybody had given up on her. She noted that the strict environment of high morality where she grew up from, contributed to the reason she was not quick in getting married.

The lady said she was being ridiculed by people when she was in her 30s and the mockery escalated to her 40s and 50s, then 60s.

According to her, the mockers said, “You too old, you can no longer marry; you too tall, you will marry a short man. You too old even if you find a man, you would be older than him.”

Despite these derogatory comments from people, Erumena who is propelled by divine grace said she did not stumble at the echoes of their dehumanizing words and didn’t dance to the tune of their words because she had taken roots in her conviction that with God, it was not over.

One after the other, her friends, siblings and colleagues got married while Erumena still maintained her single status. Regardless, she was delightful at heart while rejoicing with those who celebrated their marriage ceremonies because she believed in the scripture that emphasizes on “rejoicing with those who rejoice”.

The life story of Erumena Amata, who is now Mrs Erumena Akpoghene-Adaiah is another inspiring story that can educe hope in the heart of every woman, making any widow, single mother or a lady approaching her fifties and above, to realize that love can still find them at any age in life.

Are you ready to receive love again?

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