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Wedding Night: A Man Who Rejected His Bride

Wedding Night is a period where couples get to engage in their conjugal right and enjoy marital intimacy but unfortunately, an unknown woman sharing her story on social media revealed that she found out her husband did not love her on their wedding night.

Her story:

“I remember when l got married and on my wedding night, l discovered that my husband did not love me. On my wedding night he said, “l do not love you, l only married you because you were pregnant. “By God’s grace, l held on to my marriage because l couldn’t let go of a marriage l just got into.

“I had to cope with the tragic discovery till my son was delivered. The moment my son popped out, every pain, every sadness and everything just went away, because l had to channel my love to my child and l never extended any hatred to him. l didn’t make him see my tear drops. I made a vow that l would give him all the love because he did not beg to come to this world and l am happy today l made that decision.

“In a bid to make my marriage work, l found out l was pregnant again but this time, the situation was worst because my husband was gone even, while we were together and I tried to love him with every bit of me and l also tried to give him everything. But, he was not understanding my kind of love. I don’t blame him because we were two people with world’s apart – our thoughts, our beliefs and our families were quite different.

“When l was about to have my second child, there was no money and all l had on me was N150. My little daughter was born in a home that belonged to a nurse, with no attention and care, I had to give birth in one of the rooms. And when my daughter came through, I almost fainted and l lost a lot of blood and my husband could not even take me to the hospital because he had no penny on him.

“But God saw me through, l did not care how my children would eat but l knew God would provide. I believed, had faith and l stood strong and raised these kids and ever since l had them. Sincerely, God has blessed me.

“I had to let go of my marriage because l needed my sanity to take care of the kids and l needed also to move on. My tears today are tears of joy because l did not only raise my children, l have also raised other people’s children, people l don’t even know and those l know. Together, we are a one big family.

“I sit back together with a grateful heart and l am sharing my life story to give hope to a lot of married and single mothers. No matter what you are going through in raising your children, you have to find that inner strength to move on.

“Whatever life throws at you, always learn from it and always channel your love to your children. God loves you so much. We all have a story to tell, and l have forgiven my husband and l pray he moves on just the way l have moved on…

“I blessed all good and strong mothers, God will do it for you.”

Mercy Obot

Mercy Obot is a journalist, entrepreneur and an inspirational writer who takes delight in emboldening people through real life stories. She also loves reading, listening to cool music and making friends globally.

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