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Cordelia: How a Father Defiled his Daughter

Cordelia is my name,
Skin as hot chocolate,
Teeth as white as snow,
Hair that shines like gold,
Dark brown eyes that hide stories untold,
And smile that glitters in the dark.

I am Cordelia,
The girl that smiles at every fly that passes by,
The girl that waves at every stranger,
As though, she knows no danger.

I can remember his hands on my thighs,
And it was as frightening as an unwanted visitor.
But the funny thing is,
His face was familiar,
His breathe on my neck was hot,
And l felt a burning sensation.

He mistook my childhood for admission,
My Silent for permission,
And like Alibaba and the forty thieves,
He stole my most price possession.

He boost himself into me,
Like how a coin is tossed into wealth,
He made his wishes, my commads.
In the darkness, the spectrum of light,
Shone upon his face,
How can this man have so much disgrace?

And then l saw his face,
I was actually shocked and bemused.
I gave up the fight,
For l was confused.
He left me, legs spread apart,
Covered in nothing,
For he had taken everything.

That night l realized,
That people closet to us,
That are able to hurt us the most.

I am Cordelia,
I was raped of my dignity,
Robbed of my virtinity,
Left with a story unworthy to be shared.
Alone and scared,
A few weeks later,
I bore fruits of the seeds he planted in me.

I gave the child away for adoption,
But don’t judge me,
For it was my only option.
How would l explain to this child?
That his father was my father.

I am Cordelia,
I moved away to another country,
In order to start over again.
The memories of that night,
Are printed on my body,
Scars , left there for eternity.

I am Cordelia,
I have been wearing this mask 24/7
Since, l was eleven.

As for my father, I forgave him,
And l am trying to forget.
But sometimes, l wonder,
If he ever does regret.

Written by Rhona

Mercy Obot

Mercy Obot is a journalist, entrepreneur and an inspirational writer who takes delight in emboldening people through real life stories. She also loves reading, listening to cool music and making friends globally.

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