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Believe In Yourself – It’s Soulful Toiling

It is often said, for you to have a feel of success, you have to first ” Believe In Yourself”. This phrase has been echoed several times by Individuals who have courageously attained the hierarchy of self fulfillment.

But let’s take a stroll a little as we think deeply on the truth behind the adage – “Believe In Yourself” . I believe since life is a rollercoaster, a path to believing in oneself holistically has its processes of bumpy rides.

This simply means the road will introduce you to unpacked pain, sporadic gun shots of disappointment, skyrocketed rages of human mockery and other pleasurable bitter situations that will crowd your mind to have a second thought.

What I am trying to say is, “Believe in Yourself” takes time, and it will delightfully expose you to moments where you will have to confront your mistakes and determine to either laugh at it or shade tears. Either way, you are still expected to show up for another challenging task.

To scale through in most moments, you will have to numb the futuristic thoughts of the “what ifs” baggage and still take a realistic action without your emotional consent.

Every so often you will fail so woefully that you will take a step back in order to breathe but bounce back to still face other obstacles fiercely.

Still, on this bumpy ride, you just have to sign a contract of consenting to failing a thousand times to have a feel of doing a perfect deed that is worth applauding. This simply means that your failures will have to be more than the ovations.

And still on this path of “Believe in Yourself, you will have to forgive yourself more often as possible because you will be stepping on your toes so badly and creating scenes that will emotionally drain and traumatize you.

You will have to be betrayed by reliable friends and be left in the dark with “You”.

There are moments you will look through your life and meet with your enormous imperfections and still determine to walk through that tough path of evolving to be a better version of yourself without even knowing where to start from.

“Believe In Yourself” will make you own your journey without any iota of comparison even though there are visible patches that are disfiguring you.

Above all, “Believe In Yourself” is a series that will gradually make you to no longer seek validation from others and through this, your opinion is built up and your authenticity creates seasonable behavioural traits that will illuminate your life.

It is interesting to note that these bumpy rides will graciously birth confidence, resilience, authenticity, fulfillment towards life and, of course, make you to believe in yourself.

So if you are ready to believe in yourself, you have to determine in your heart to have a feel of the bumpy rides…. Are you ready?

Mercy Obot

Mercy Obot is a journalist, entrepreneur and an inspirational writer who takes delight in emboldening people through real life stories. She also loves reading, listening to cool music and making friends globally.

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