Before You Pull That Trigger On Me

Before You Pull That Trigger On Me

If your feet have never caressed the street at night and risking your life in a stranger’s home just to wipe the tears of your aged mother, then why shudder at the sight of me…

Why call me a silly bastard, if you dont know what it feels like to have a single mom who was once deceived by a man she loved…

Why call me cheap just because l easily fall in love with men and you’re finding it difficult to do the same

Why call me a loser when you’ve never attempted to take your own life.

Why tag me a fool just because l am so nice and you are just graced with the opposite.

Why call me dumb when you’ve never gone through the street of failure.

Why hiss at me just because l am stuck with a lover that just beat me at any slight opportunity while all you ever know is a sweet loving relationship with no hiccups.

Why stab me at the back just because you think I’m not good enough when all you know is accolades.

Why condemn my background when you don’t know what it feels like being raised in a roof where you have to perceive the smell of your own poo while sleeping at night.

Why call me shit because l look so unhealthy and can’t afford a square meal while you wallow in your chocolate creamy cake as dessert after dinner.

Why stigmatize me, when you have no idea of what it feels like falling in love with your kind.

Don’t tag me a disease just because l am being paddled in a leaking canoe of wretchedness while you are given a seat on a space ship.

Have you ever experienced the tragedy of losing your husband when you’ve got a four- day -old baby staring at you with hope in her smile?

Just because l can’t seem to grab words in any book, makes you dance against my tune and mock my actions.

You laugh because l am drowning in my addiction.

You give an ugly wink at my 100million naria mansion and indict my reputation with names so familiar with the evil corven.

You think you know me yet you are just a stranger in the land of my fears…

Go on and break me with your words cause that’s the only string uve got.

Go ahead and make me burn down in flames, but just know you are refining a new me as the dawn of each day glow.

One thing you least know, l still got joy within in the midst of my Frosty season.

I may not be more privileged as you are but l am glad that my life story is making me stronger.

Until you get drown in my tears, and you feel the painful sore of my huddles then don’t bother pulling that trigger on me.

Mercy Obot

Mercy Obot is a journalist, entrepreneur and an inspirational writer who takes delight in emboldening people through real life stories. She also loves reading, listening to cool music and making friends globally.

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